photo by Deborah Libby
poster design by Jason Gardinier
Wise Medicine, directed by Deborah Libby
Run Time: 36 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Filming Locations: Iquitos, Peru & Chicago, IL


WISE MEDICINE follows a new generation of healers seeking an alternative paradigm rooted in ancient indigenous wisdom. Shipibo curandero Don Enrique Lopez, owner of the Inkan Kena Espiritual Healing Center in Iquitos, Peru, desires to spread the traditional knowledge of plant medicine healing beyond the Amazon. At his jungle camp, students participate in an intense shamanic initiation: a series of daily rituals involving plants and natural tonics that heal the body and soul.


Don Enrique Lopez of the Ayahuasca Foundation

In Chicago, a woman named Amara has returned from the Amazon to open a modern shamanic healing studio; a safe haven for those seeking answers outside the realm of Western medicine.


The plant medicine ceremonies – physically and emotionally demanding, while deeply cathartic – highlight the absence and yearning for sacred ritual within Western culture; and lead us to consider whether these rituals have a home outside the indigenous communities from which they originate.

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