The filmmakers would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals and organizations, for without their generosity this film would not have been possible.

Carlos Tanner, Don Enrique Lopez, Miguel Lopez, and the entire staff and students at the Ayahuasca Foundation: for your gracious hospitality and allowing us to document your lives to share with the world.


Aurianna Joy: for organizing logistics and ground operations in Peru.


Dennis McKenna, PhD: for your time, expertise, humor, and insight into the global spread of indigenous plant medicine use.


Stephanie Schmitz and the Archives staff, Psychoactive Substances Research Special Collection at Purdue University: for allowing us access to your incredible archives on psychoactive plant use.

A Very Special Thank You to the Supporters of our
Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Alexandra Epstein-Solfield
Amy Connors
Angela Smalley
Anthony Battaglia
Bracken Rainbow
Brian Scott
Charles Roe
Christine N Epstein
Constance Graham
Dana Phares
David McDonald
Deb Tolchinsky
Dominic Dastice
Don Bloemkolk
Elaine Norman
Kevin Franciotti
Irini Greyerbiehl
Iyabo Kwayana
James Mack
Jan Libby
Jean Jorgensen
JeAnna Brumfield
Jesseca Simmons
Jessica Williamson

Joao Queiroga
Justin Reifert
Karl Semple
Kathleen Menk Krupar
Katie Schwartz
Kelly Smith
Kyle Green
Marc Barrie
Mark Elgee
Mia Morgan
Mona Akmal
Nikki Roberg
Rafie Drencheva
Rajesh Korde
Rebecca Griffith
Robert J Barnhart
Sarah Sturges
Shelly Rose
Shuhan Fan
Tom Trinley
Tracy Altman
Vicki Renne
Vito Dastice

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